Changes in Legislation / Policing

There has to be an independent police force with the powers of arrest onboard, with no connections to the cruise industry what so ever.

We now have what is a floating town of up to and over 9,000 people with no police force with powers of arrest, we have a conflict of interest right from the start with on board security  who’s wages are paid by the cruise line, and are told what to do by the company, we have recorded incidents were the onboard security  have been investigating an incident were told to drop the case and stand down by the company.

We have the case of on board security (ex Policeman) undertaking a crime scene as a woman had been reported missing, he declared her cabin as a crime scene and sealed the door, this was reported to Captain and HR, the next morning he returned to the cabin and was shocked to find the cabin wide open, it had been completely scrubbed out and also linen and mattress had been removed, on inquiring they had been jettisoned overboard!

What is needed is an Independent Police Force and this should be mandatory. Each vessel should have its own Police Station and equipped with all forensic equipment, and also a holding cell. English is the Maritime language and the police officers can be recruited from the main English speaking countries:  UK/USA/Canada/Australia/ New Zealand/EU the list goes on, also these countries would be more advanced in forensics and crime scene preservation, it is common knowledge that first 24hrs are critical in an investigation, yet it can take days for a Flag State police officer to arrive on board.

A system could be set up like Interpol.

The Master (Captain) remains in charge of vessel and will not interfere with any form of police work by that any on board investigations which may involve crew and officers