Changes in Legislation / International Waters

This is also  legislation that has to change for the welfare of all, it does not matter what nationality or country you come from, at the moment once the vessel has sailed and then it becomes outside of the country’s waters we then lose that countries jurisdiction’s and laws, we then enter the murky area that is termed as INTERNATIONAL WATERS this is a different world, with no laws , no insurance cover , and god forbid if anything happens to you whether your are a passenger or crew.  You are left with no route for address.

The following scenario actually happened:

A cruise liner sails from her base port, amongst the passengers is a works party ‘male and female’ out the enjoy themselves with a break from work, all was going ok, then something drastic happened to one of the female members of the works party, she awakes and realises that she has been date raped, she sees the assailant leaving her cabin, a further shock was that she knew the man who had done this to her as she worked with him.

It was reported to on board security, as mentioned earlier these have no powers of arrest and conflict of interest as wages paid by cruise lines.

When vessel arrived back in the port it had left from, the sexual assault was reported to shore side police force. The police force arrested the culprit right away, after taking statements he was released on bail pending court case.

The day came around finally for justice and day of reckoning, enter the guy into the court, the case was then thrown out of the court as the sexual assault had taken place outside of the country’s waters and deemed to have taken place in International Waters.

This would have been the same outcome no matter what Country.

This is why it is critical that this legislation is changed at all levels including IMO/ILO